Michelle J. Antinarelli, COMS

Certified Orientation + Mobility Specialist

“Putting myself out of business one step at a time”


Orientation and Mobility Services

Direct Services:

Direct teaching and training of individuals with visual impairment or total blindness allows each to develop appropriate independent travel skills or safe and supported travel skills. Regardless of age or other complicating factors, each person can increase understanding of his/her world and how to travel within it. Services are scheduled on a regular basis, intermittent basis, or short-term basis, according to the needs of the individual. Lessons are conducted in the traveler’s home, community, school and employment locations.

Consultative Services:

Providing training and advisory information to families, caregivers, educational and support staff in how to support and reinforce independent travel skills allows everyone around the individual with the visual impairment to understand and appreciate their own roles and responsibilities. Often an individual with visual impairment needs assistance in setting up an appropriate environment, adding tactile and other cues to the home and living settings to assist the traveler with safe and efficient movement. The consultant identifies methods of accessing the environment and information about the environment when visual cues are not enough.

In Service Training:

Additionally, larger organizations need to address the needs of individuals with visual impairment as travelers within specific environments - and in service trainings allow larger groups of people learn standardized techniques to assist the blind or visually impaired traveler.

Determining the needs of your traveler, organization, or family can be easily initiated:

email: michelle@orientation-and-mobility.com

telephone: 508-498-1158